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Whatever hatred saves the number.

Randomly generated sentence from another site. Whatever hatred saves the number. I like it so I made it the title of this post. That’s how I roll. Speaking of roll, here is a link to a group of singers rick-rolling a NYC subway car:

What is a rick-roll you may ask. Well, here is your answer:

Posted by: jpkoppli | October 29, 2008

Not At PDC – For those of us that could not make it to PDC

The effort to organize NotAtPDC all started from several people on Twitter having a few laughs because “everyone” is not at Microsoft PDC (going on 26 Oct 2008 – 30 Oct 2008).  As such, a few people got together and thought it would be a great opportunity to organize a completely virtual conference with information being distributed via mediums such as Twitter, Microsoft SharedView and Microsoft Live Meeting.

Check it out here: (** Update – is no longer a live site **)

Posted by: jpkoppli | October 29, 2008

Professional Developers Conference Going on NOW

Since 1991, the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) has been Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects.

Some of the presentations:

The Future of C#, ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap, Developing for Microsoft Surface, A Lap Around Windows Azure, and more.

Check it all out here:

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I was happy to see Caddyshack on TV last night… then what could be better but Animal House comes on right after that. Sweeet.